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How to use Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES

It is long it is like the admin not post articles that kitchen set malang discuss or meriview household tools, coincidentally a few days ago an admin just bought an electric rice cooker product brand Yong Ma.

Intentionally I post the article to make it easier for anyone who need it especially the housewife. before heading for the subject matter, I will describe the first specification Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES. The following names
components of Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES:

Rice cooker:

Slab heating (Heat-proof plate), the rice on top of the heater
Cover (LID), it looks like this is karen cover
Cover the pot (Inner pot cover), useful to cover the inside of the pot (Inner pot).
The inside of the pot (Inner pot), cooking
The main body section (Main body), the outermost side tool
Base (Base), the order of the list of tools.

parts Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES

Plastic Pan Multipurpose

The cover is a plastic Pan multipurpose (Multi pot cover)
Versatile plastic pot (Multi pot)


Model: YM207
(Rated Voltage) voltage: AC220V/50 Hz
Capacity (Capacity): 2, 1.5 l jar
Size (Dimension) (W x D x H): 285 x 288 x 301
Electrical power consumption (Power Comsumption): indonesia = 500W/79W, Other Country = 700W/58W
Warm the heat of the moment (Warming Temp): 79 derjat C
Weight (Weight): 3.8 Kg
Accessories (Accessories): Scoop, Measuring Cup, Manua, Guarrantee card, Multy pots, Multy pot cover.

How to use Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES:

Takarlah the amount of rice to be used appropriately.
Insert the rice into the pot multy, add water as needed and wash rice by way of swiping the rice on a bulge on the base of multy pot. Waste water washing the rice through a sieve that is on the top edge of the Multy pot. After that move the washed rice into the Inner pot (Pot)
Enter rice that had been washed into the pot, use of water according to the rules listed on the inside of the pan. (but I set the height of the water according to your experience as each has different characteristics in rice, but you can try universal rules commonly used as a benchmark by our first parents, i.e. water height of baras as high as one book jaritelunjuk)
Insert the power cable (plug/plug) into the outlet, then press the cooking (Cook)
Open the lid and then once cooked rice aduklah. and the rice is ready to be served.

How to use this versatile Pan (Multy pot)

Wash rice – with the bulge-bulge at the base of Multy pot cause frictions that will make the rice faster. With the holes on the upper side of the sieve Multy can throw the rest of the laundry water without fear of rice are wasted.

Steaming-put a little water into the inner pot and insert food into the pot after it closed multy, and then press the button for cooking, steamed food will taste better.

Versatile-other than to wash the rice and steaming, Multy pot can be used for storing fruits or vegetables.

Warning the use of:

During cooking, do not touch the steam vents.
Do not put any objects or materials in the top cover on the cooking time.
Avoid using a spoon of rice from metal to avoid terkikisnya the pot on a surface-coated non-stick.
When the rice cooker is not in use or without the inner pot, then the power cord should be in a condition not installed/connected to electricity.
The inner pot is certainly no dents and no change shape because when it's not appropriate and change the form then the rice cooker will not function properly.
If the Power cord is damaged, then immediately do the replacement of the power cord in the service center representative or service Yong Ma.
Do not immerse the product at the time the rice cooker clean.
At the time the rice cooker is used, the cover must not be opened (subject to steam heat)

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