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Electronics Shopping Tips

With the support of telecommunications and informatics technology progress on free trade, has expanded the space motion of current transactions of goods and services, and poses its own challenges against the efforts of consumer protection.

The Chairman of the National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) Xeniagreekmuslimah in Jakarta, on Monday said that the stuff circulating on the market are not always standard, for example, electronic products that don't come the instructions manual and warranty card.

Thus BPKN as protector of consumers gave some tips to consumers who want to buy electronic goods in order to obtain the goods satisfactory. the following tips shopping electronic goods recommended BPKN we lansir from among:

At the time of purchase should consider carefully the information on the labels of goods such as electrical voltage, great use of the warning, the year of manufacture, number of production as well as the name, address and telephone number of the manufacturer or importer.
Make sure the purchased electronic products have a label on the security of goods or wrappings.
Make sure there is the headquarters of the Ministry (service center) official in the area, especially when living outside the area. It would be better if the service officer can make a visit to the House.
Make sure there are usage instructions (manual) and after-sales warranty card Indonesia language for certain products such as cellular phones, a fridge, AIR CONDITIONING, irons, and digital cameras.
To keep things unwanted, check the warranty period of a range of brands that become an alternative choice. The longer the warranty period then got increasingly consumer protection in usage.
Note also the warranty coverage, for all components or only certain parts, whether including spare parts and repair services.
When you buy electronic products online, do a repeat examination before.

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