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How to store rice, salt, dried beans, honey and the Pasta so that it can be stored for a year

Perhaps we are much less know why some travel malang juanda foodstuffs do not hold longer when stored, it may be informed we will kekurang the nature of the food ingredients, for storage and the type of food that does not fit can cause damaged fast food.

There are several groceries that can be stored for a year when we know how, including rice, salt, dried beans, honey, and Pasta. Here's how we quote from

Rice-rice is a staple food that can be stored up to 30 years. Rice is considered as food for survival and can be set to pesediaan. Rice will hold up longer if kept in a dry place and sufficient circulation. For more details please read: "CARING TIPS PLACE STORE rice (RICE BOX)"

This gastronomic salt-it turns out it can be used as a food preservative since the anti-microbial properties have. As long as it is not affected by moisture, salt will have a nice texture and keep it lasting for years.

Dried beans-if stored in an airtight container with a dark color. Beans can stand up to long. If the beans are placed in a moist place will easily grow mushrooms and beans will have a taste of rancid.

Honey-Honey has the usual molecules called hygroscopic. Honey in store too long indeed will form crystals. But the crystals in the honey can be cleared by means of soaking into the warm water. Store in an airtight container, honey would not be broken until the years.

Pasta-wheat flour made from dried dough. Pasta has longer lasting power that is 1 to 2 years. We recommend that you save the pasta like macaroni or spaghetti in a airtight container. If you're in a hurry, simply boiled pasta with added seasoning and ready for serving.

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