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How to store rice, salt, dried beans, honey and the Pasta so that it can be stored for a year

Perhaps we are much less know why some travel malang juanda foodstuffs do not hold longer when stored, it may be informed we will kekurang the nature of the food ingredients, for storage and the type of food that does not fit can cause damaged fast food.

There are several groceries that can be stored for a year when we know how, including rice, salt, dried beans, honey, and Pasta. Here's how we quote from

Rice-rice is a staple food that can be stored up to 30 years. Rice is considered as food for survival and can be set to pesediaan. Rice will hold up longer if kept in a dry place and sufficient circulation. For more details please read: "CARING TIPS PLACE STORE rice (RICE BOX)"

This gastronomic salt-it turns out it can be used as a food preservative since the anti-microbial properties have. As long as it is not affected by moisture, salt will have a nice texture and keep it lasting for years.

Dried beans-if stored in an airtight container with a dark color. Beans can stand up to long. If the beans are placed in a moist place will easily grow mushrooms and beans will have a taste of rancid.

Honey-Honey has the usual molecules called hygroscopic. Honey in store too long indeed will form crystals. But the crystals in the honey can be cleared by means of soaking into the warm water. Store in an airtight container, honey would not be broken until the years.

Pasta-wheat flour made from dried dough. Pasta has longer lasting power that is 1 to 2 years. We recommend that you save the pasta like macaroni or spaghetti in a airtight container. If you're in a hurry, simply boiled pasta with added seasoning and ready for serving.

How to use Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES

It is long it is like the admin not post articles that kitchen set malang discuss or meriview household tools, coincidentally a few days ago an admin just bought an electric rice cooker product brand Yong Ma.

Intentionally I post the article to make it easier for anyone who need it especially the housewife. before heading for the subject matter, I will describe the first specification Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES. The following names
components of Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES:

Rice cooker:

Slab heating (Heat-proof plate), the rice on top of the heater
Cover (LID), it looks like this is karen cover
Cover the pot (Inner pot cover), useful to cover the inside of the pot (Inner pot).
The inside of the pot (Inner pot), cooking
The main body section (Main body), the outermost side tool
Base (Base), the order of the list of tools.

parts Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES

Plastic Pan Multipurpose

The cover is a plastic Pan multipurpose (Multi pot cover)
Versatile plastic pot (Multi pot)


Model: YM207
(Rated Voltage) voltage: AC220V/50 Hz
Capacity (Capacity): 2, 1.5 l jar
Size (Dimension) (W x D x H): 285 x 288 x 301
Electrical power consumption (Power Comsumption): indonesia = 500W/79W, Other Country = 700W/58W
Warm the heat of the moment (Warming Temp): 79 derjat C
Weight (Weight): 3.8 Kg
Accessories (Accessories): Scoop, Measuring Cup, Manua, Guarrantee card, Multy pots, Multy pot cover.

How to use Magic Com Yong Ma YM207 SERIES:

Takarlah the amount of rice to be used appropriately.
Insert the rice into the pot multy, add water as needed and wash rice by way of swiping the rice on a bulge on the base of multy pot. Waste water washing the rice through a sieve that is on the top edge of the Multy pot. After that move the washed rice into the Inner pot (Pot)
Enter rice that had been washed into the pot, use of water according to the rules listed on the inside of the pan. (but I set the height of the water according to your experience as each has different characteristics in rice, but you can try universal rules commonly used as a benchmark by our first parents, i.e. water height of baras as high as one book jaritelunjuk)
Insert the power cable (plug/plug) into the outlet, then press the cooking (Cook)
Open the lid and then once cooked rice aduklah. and the rice is ready to be served.

How to use this versatile Pan (Multy pot)

Wash rice – with the bulge-bulge at the base of Multy pot cause frictions that will make the rice faster. With the holes on the upper side of the sieve Multy can throw the rest of the laundry water without fear of rice are wasted.

Steaming-put a little water into the inner pot and insert food into the pot after it closed multy, and then press the button for cooking, steamed food will taste better.

Versatile-other than to wash the rice and steaming, Multy pot can be used for storing fruits or vegetables.

Warning the use of:

During cooking, do not touch the steam vents.
Do not put any objects or materials in the top cover on the cooking time.
Avoid using a spoon of rice from metal to avoid terkikisnya the pot on a surface-coated non-stick.
When the rice cooker is not in use or without the inner pot, then the power cord should be in a condition not installed/connected to electricity.
The inner pot is certainly no dents and no change shape because when it's not appropriate and change the form then the rice cooker will not function properly.
If the Power cord is damaged, then immediately do the replacement of the power cord in the service center representative or service Yong Ma.
Do not immerse the product at the time the rice cooker clean.
At the time the rice cooker is used, the cover must not be opened (subject to steam heat)

The meaning of the code numbers in the Triangle in plastic packaging

The meaning of the code numbers in the Triangle in plastic packaging
Maybe we often come across a sign or logo in a triangle on the bottom of plastic bottles, commonly used to drink mineral water or any other liquid. Inside the triangle is numbers ranging from 1 to 7.

Logo or mark of the triangle is a code issued by The Society of the Plastic Industry in 1998 in the United States and adopted by the institutions of the system development of code, such as the ISO. Here is the meaning of the numbers contained in the Triangle Code commonly used in plastic packaging:

1. PET or PETE (Polyethylene Ethylene Terephalate)

The logo usually printed on plastic bottles, colored clear/transparent/opaque such as mineral water bottles, juice bottles, food containers and almost all other beverage bottles. Bottle type of PET/PETE is recommended only once. When used too often, let alone used to store heat, let alone warm water would result in a layer of polymer on the bottle it will melt and give off a substance is carcinogenic (may cause cancer) in the long term.

PETE material is dangerous for workers that are associated with the processing of recycled bottle or bottle of PETE. Making PETE using compound antimoni trioxide. These compounds can enter the body through the respiratory system by inhaling air. Often inhale the compound could lead to irritation of the skin and the respiratory tract. For women, these compounds increase menstrual problems and miscarriages. When giving birth, the child is likely to experience slow growth up to the age of 12 months.

2. the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

The triangle with the number two in the Middle, commonly used for milk bottle white milk, tupperware, gallons of drinking water, folding chair, and others. Types of HDPE plastic bottles have the properties of materials that are stronger, hard, opaque and more durable against high temperatures. It is one of plastic materials that are safe to use because of its ability to prevent a chemical reaction between the plastic packaging made from HDPE with food/beverages be labeled with. Just as the PET, HDPE also recommended wearing disposable just because the release of compound antimoni trioxide continues to increase over time. This type can also be used for the material back to the floor tiles, drainage, new HDPE bottles, pipes, and others.

3. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) can be found on the plastic wrap (cling wrap), and bottles. The reaction that occurs between the PVC with foods that are packed with the plastic is potentially dangerous to the kidneys, liver and body weight. These materials contain chlorine and will produce toxins if burned. PVC should not be used in preparing food or food packaging. This material can be processed back into mudflaps, panels, mats, and more.

PVC contains DEHA (diethylhydroxylamine) that are harmful to the body, usually this material react with foods that are packaged in plastic made from PVC. DEHA can this mild temperatures-15 ° C.

4. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)

LDPE (low density polyethylene) that Brown type plastic (thermoplastic/made from petroleum), commonly used for food packaging, plastic bottles, the soggy, clothing, furniture, and others.

Types of mechanical properties of LDPE has a strong, transparent, flexible and a bit fatty surface at a temperature of 60 degrees is very resistant to chemical reaction, power protection against moisture are categorized as good, recyclable and good for items that require flexibility but strong. Goods made of LDPE is difficult, but still good for the food because it is difficult to react chemically with foods that are packaged with this material. LDPE, can be recycled in many ways.

5. PP (polypropylene)

Have characteristics which are not transparent, clear or cloudy. Polypropylene is more powerful and lighter with translucent power low steam, good resistance to fats, stable against high temperature and quite shiny. Types of PP (polypropylene) this is the best choice of plastic materials, particularly for food and beverage venues such as place of storing the food, drink and most important bottle drinking bottles for babies.

Look for the code number 5 when buying goods made of plastic for storing packaging of various food and beverages. PP can be processed back into brooms, trays, rakes, and others.

6. PS (Polystyrene)

This material, commonly used as a food ingredient styrofoam, place disposable drink, and others. Polystyrene is a polymer of aromatic that can dispense the ingredients styrene into food when the food is in contact. Besides food, styrene also can be obtained from the r0k0k smoke smoke, vehicles and construction materials.

This material should be avoided, because other than hazardous to health the brain, Estrogen hormones in women which result in reproductive problems, nervous system and growth and, also because of this difficult material recycled. No matter when this material is recycled, the process requires very long and long. This material can be identified with the code number 6, but if these numbers code not listed on the packaging of plastic, this material can be identified by way of burnt (the way the last and best avoided). When burned, it will issue the primary-colored fire, leaving soot.

In addition, these materials contain benzene, a cancer-causing substance and should not be burned. These materials are processed back into isolation, packaging, plant beds, and others.

7. OTHER (Polycarbonate)

Types of plastic materials for the 7 Other there are 4 kinds, namely: SAN (styrene acrylonitrile), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PC (polycarbonate), and Nylon.

This material can be found on the place of food and beverages such as bottled drinking sports, car parts, household appliances, computers, electronics, tools and plastic packaging.

SAN and ABS has high resistance against chemical reaction and temperature, strength, stiffness, and the level of violence has increased. Usually found in the bowl of a mixer, wrap the flask, plates, dinnerware, coffee filter, and brush your teeth, while the ABS are usually used as toys lego and pipes. It is one of a very good plastic material for use in the packaging of food or drink.

PC Polycarbonate or name can be found on the baby's milk bottle, glass children the toddler (sippy cup), drinking bottles and cans, polycarbonate food and beverage packaging, including cans of infant formula. The PC can issue its material Bisphenol-A into food and drinks that could potentially damage the system hormones, chromosomes on the ovaries, decreased sperm production, and change the function of the immune system. It is recommended not to be used for food or drink.

The meaning of the code numbers in the Triangle on the packaging PlastikIronisnya bottle milk is very likely to experience the process of warming, whether it be for the purpose of sterilization by means of boiling, heated with microwaves, or dituangi boiling water or hot water.

Not all plastic number 7 is the polycarbonate, even some vegetable-based. Palikarbonat is still a debate in the last few years, because it was discovered at the time wash BPA (bisphenol A), the subject of hormone disruptor pregnancy and fetal growth. [source: al-atsariyyah/kiddyworld/islampos]

Aneka Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 2)

Aneka Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 2) this article is a continuation of the previous article: "Assorted Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 1)". their contents describes some tips how to and how to make it work and the problems often encountered in the home can be solved easily and practically.

Eliminate the fishy smell of fish-rub the butter on your hands or wherever a fishy odor clings to.
Eliminate the smell of onions – slightly Moisten hands and rub it with bicarbonate of soda.
How to boil an egg cracked-put a little vinegar to the water which will be used to boil the eggs.
How to easy skinned boiled egg – let the pot tightly closed a few minutes after the eggs Cook, pressure will make the skin easy to peel.
Prevent the presence of popcorn that failed so-Freeze first, then surely popcornnya so broke all erupted.
How to easily clean the kitchen window-Dampen newsprint with a mixture of water and starch, and then rub the window with the newspaper.
Clean silver utensils-use baking soda and a damp rag, clean, rinse and pat dry.
Clean grease from carpet-pour the baking soda to taste the fat that is on the carpet, then flatten and leave one day, next fats will ease off with aspirated using the vacuum (Vacuum cleaner).
Recipe treating insomnia-mix one tablespoon of powdered milk, 2 tablespoons of honey, and a tablespoon of yeast. Then stir in a cup of warm milk, drinking ahead of entering sleep.
In order to make the pants sport (sport) durable-wash with 1 tablespoon alum (alum) mixed with 1 litre of water, rinse and pat dry, then wash with SOAP, rinse and pat dry.
Clean up blood stains from carpet-Immediately rub with foam rubber and cold water, and then use a little SOAP, rinse and pat dry.
Make guitar shiny-brush the guitar with toothpaste, let it dry then rub until shiny.
To prevent burns from blister-soon tempeli burns with ice cubes.
Clean the ink stains from carpet-Grease Stains with a paste of milk and corn flour, leave a couple of hours, then scrub until clean.
In order for the shiny-glass window scrub with a nylon socks, then scrub with a blackboard eraser.
Flatten the wrinkles in the plastic sheet-Iron Ironing table until it is hot, put the plastic on the top and then flatten the wrinkles by hand.
How to tie a tie-enter the wash in the jar filled carbon tethrachlorida to taste, then shake-shake, and then remove the tie and pat dry.
Remove stains Dampen stain area-charred and then give the starch in corn, when it is dry, rub and clean.
Reduce food too salty-enter one or two grains of tomatoes into tomato dishes, will absorb the saltiness.
How to find out the melon is ripe-looking yellowish color are there under the melon.
Freshen musty bean-Heat in the oven for 15 minutes with heat 250 ° c.

Aneka Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 1)

Clean the body of the car from the asphalt of the street clinging-Rub with a wet wipe delete given sodium bicarbonate.
Discard the paper label brand of bottle packaging-coat thoroughly with the oil of life, such as eucalyptus oil and then leave it for a few hours, then rubs it with a dry rag.
Release the stamps and opening the envelope in glue-put it in the freezer for one to two hours, and then congkel with a thin knife.
Remove the water that goes into a watch-a watch to attach the Belt light bulb and then turn on the lights a few minutes, so the points of the water will condense on the inside of a watch glass. Open embunnya and remove the glass.
Tighten the hammer head on the gagangnya-soak in a used engine oil for a day.
Open the zipper jammed-shaving foam spray with, or tetesi with coconut oil.
Reinforces aki (Accu) kendaraanl soak already-Dissolve 1 oz United Kingdom salt in warm water and then insert it into the battery wet, this way can not be done for the dry battery.
Makes it easy to open the knot tightly bound chains-Brush first with cold cream.
Loosen the shoe felt narrower-Sumpalkan an already moistened newspaper into the shoe and leave it a few days.
So not easy shoes slip-make a scratch each other diagonally (below) using the tip of his shoe soles, scissors.
Removing the key broke off in the lock-hole Apply super glue on the tip of the key on the outside, enter and press for a moment, then slowly pull out.
Turning off the light bulb that breaks out of the socketnya-Plug pieces of bar SOAP into the side of a sharp shard of SOAP and use it as a handle to play the rest of the bulb it is.
Release the screws screw Heat-it crashes a few moments with the solder and then try to play off.
So that the nail does not solve the wood when the nailed-prior to wear, tumpulkan used to be the tip of the pointy nails with a hammer.
Patching small holes in sieve-Lid holes with clear color Nail Polish, let dry. Repeat the process until the hole tightly closed.
Create your own "Firewood" logs for fireplace logs of newspaper-make the former with rolling it tightly.
Clean the oil spill on the floor or Wall Street asphalt-cover it with sand to taste oil, leave one or two days so that the oil absorbed into the grain of sand that is swept clean.
Keep an eye hook to keep it from rusting-Plug hook on a cork and then soak with baking soda.
So that the sandpaper is more durable wear-lightly coat the back of the sandpaper with black plakban.
Sharp razor blades long-Rub back and forth razor blade on the inside of the glass.
Create the ideal needle-bearing Wear bath SOAP hunk as a bearing. It will also be easier to sew because jarumnya will be slick and easy to stab into the fabric.
Create your own metal polishers-take the Blackboard chalk and rub it into a piece of fabric, and then use it to rub the metal.
Repel dogs and cats-Put large camphor in some places visited both the animal. Animals generally do not like the smell of mothballs.
Eliminate fleas from pets-Disposable foam rubber as your pets bed – fleas do not like on the foam.
A quick way of leveling the tie-Hanging in the bathroom while you take a bath of warm water – steam could eliminate wrinkles tie.
Open the nail clippers-staples effective enough to open straples.
Eliminate the smell of trash-Mash lemons and distribute them in the trash.
So that salt is not so humid-Put the pieces of paper in place of salt-sucker. It will absorb moisture.
Making glass cleaner with vinegar-Mix water, then dampen the sponge with the liquid and rub on the glass.
Reduce the smell of cigarette in the ashtray-Set is always a little bit of baking soda in an ashtray before use.
Separate the vapour of the cat-Grab a colander and cut the appropriate size of the inside (inner circle Tin) cans of paint, push slowly to the floor brought all the lumps.
Prevent insect approaching paint-Pour a little liquid anti insect into the paint cans, so that insects will stay away from the paint.
Prevents flowers quickly wilt-Squirt a little bleach to the water in chlor vase of flowers.
Create a powerful Roach-repellent Remukkan some cigarette butts into water, then drain and scatter to where cockroaches.

Electronics Shopping Tips

With the support of telecommunications and informatics technology progress on free trade, has expanded the space motion of current transactions of goods and services, and poses its own challenges against the efforts of consumer protection.

The Chairman of the National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) Xeniagreekmuslimah in Jakarta, on Monday said that the stuff circulating on the market are not always standard, for example, electronic products that don't come the instructions manual and warranty card.

Thus BPKN as protector of consumers gave some tips to consumers who want to buy electronic goods in order to obtain the goods satisfactory. the following tips shopping electronic goods recommended BPKN we lansir from among:

At the time of purchase should consider carefully the information on the labels of goods such as electrical voltage, great use of the warning, the year of manufacture, number of production as well as the name, address and telephone number of the manufacturer or importer.
Make sure the purchased electronic products have a label on the security of goods or wrappings.
Make sure there is the headquarters of the Ministry (service center) official in the area, especially when living outside the area. It would be better if the service officer can make a visit to the House.
Make sure there are usage instructions (manual) and after-sales warranty card Indonesia language for certain products such as cellular phones, a fridge, AIR CONDITIONING, irons, and digital cameras.
To keep things unwanted, check the warranty period of a range of brands that become an alternative choice. The longer the warranty period then got increasingly consumer protection in usage.
Note also the warranty coverage, for all components or only certain parts, whether including spare parts and repair services.
When you buy electronic products online, do a repeat examination before.

Four-Step How To Easily Clean Your Kitchen

home clean-up activities should be done as often as possible routine to keep clean. Because almost every day we do an activity that dapatv makes our homes get dirty and full of garbage,

No exception part of the kitchen, which was the beginning where we produce the food we eat. Although the activities of cleaning the kitchen looks troublesome, but when dilakuakan correctly then it becomes easier with efficient results. So You need not fear report, if routine done this job will be easier with terrace maximum results. as quoted from

1. Store leftovers
Clean food and save the rest of the dishes before you wash the dishes. Because according to a study of bacteria in food can double every 20 minutes in room temperature.

2. Wash the dirty dishes
After cleaning the food store it in the refrigerator immediately soak dirty dishes and pans the former cook with hot water that has already been given SOAP so that the rest of the fast food apart. then let a couple of minutes then wash the plate until it is clean.

3. Clean the kitchen area
The often dirty stove parts usually at fire control lever on the outer body of the stove and stove are exposed to splashes of oil or cuisine, laplah the parts with a dry cloth or if it contains the oil so it can be cleaned with a sponge containing soapy water. don't forget to membersihkanpegangan water faucet, sink, and refrigerator door handles.

4. floor cleaning
Use a broom to clean up the litter dry. the place to be in the clear, among others, is under the table, next to the stove, and a small gap between the wall and the floor. Then, gather the entire garbage and waste. The last is a MOP the floor with water plus a liquid pemebersih the floor.