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Aneka Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 1)

Clean the body of the car from the asphalt of the street clinging-Rub with a wet wipe delete given sodium bicarbonate.
Discard the paper label brand of bottle packaging-coat thoroughly with the oil of life, such as eucalyptus oil and then leave it for a few hours, then rubs it with a dry rag.
Release the stamps and opening the envelope in glue-put it in the freezer for one to two hours, and then congkel with a thin knife.
Remove the water that goes into a watch-a watch to attach the Belt light bulb and then turn on the lights a few minutes, so the points of the water will condense on the inside of a watch glass. Open embunnya and remove the glass.
Tighten the hammer head on the gagangnya-soak in a used engine oil for a day.
Open the zipper jammed-shaving foam spray with, or tetesi with coconut oil.
Reinforces aki (Accu) kendaraanl soak already-Dissolve 1 oz United Kingdom salt in warm water and then insert it into the battery wet, this way can not be done for the dry battery.
Makes it easy to open the knot tightly bound chains-Brush first with cold cream.
Loosen the shoe felt narrower-Sumpalkan an already moistened newspaper into the shoe and leave it a few days.
So not easy shoes slip-make a scratch each other diagonally (below) using the tip of his shoe soles, scissors.
Removing the key broke off in the lock-hole Apply super glue on the tip of the key on the outside, enter and press for a moment, then slowly pull out.
Turning off the light bulb that breaks out of the socketnya-Plug pieces of bar SOAP into the side of a sharp shard of SOAP and use it as a handle to play the rest of the bulb it is.
Release the screws screw Heat-it crashes a few moments with the solder and then try to play off.
So that the nail does not solve the wood when the nailed-prior to wear, tumpulkan used to be the tip of the pointy nails with a hammer.
Patching small holes in sieve-Lid holes with clear color Nail Polish, let dry. Repeat the process until the hole tightly closed.
Create your own "Firewood" logs for fireplace logs of newspaper-make the former with rolling it tightly.
Clean the oil spill on the floor or Wall Street asphalt-cover it with sand to taste oil, leave one or two days so that the oil absorbed into the grain of sand that is swept clean.
Keep an eye hook to keep it from rusting-Plug hook on a cork and then soak with baking soda.
So that the sandpaper is more durable wear-lightly coat the back of the sandpaper with black plakban.
Sharp razor blades long-Rub back and forth razor blade on the inside of the glass.
Create the ideal needle-bearing Wear bath SOAP hunk as a bearing. It will also be easier to sew because jarumnya will be slick and easy to stab into the fabric.
Create your own metal polishers-take the Blackboard chalk and rub it into a piece of fabric, and then use it to rub the metal.
Repel dogs and cats-Put large camphor in some places visited both the animal. Animals generally do not like the smell of mothballs.
Eliminate fleas from pets-Disposable foam rubber as your pets bed – fleas do not like on the foam.
A quick way of leveling the tie-Hanging in the bathroom while you take a bath of warm water – steam could eliminate wrinkles tie.
Open the nail clippers-staples effective enough to open straples.
Eliminate the smell of trash-Mash lemons and distribute them in the trash.
So that salt is not so humid-Put the pieces of paper in place of salt-sucker. It will absorb moisture.
Making glass cleaner with vinegar-Mix water, then dampen the sponge with the liquid and rub on the glass.
Reduce the smell of cigarette in the ashtray-Set is always a little bit of baking soda in an ashtray before use.
Separate the vapour of the cat-Grab a colander and cut the appropriate size of the inside (inner circle Tin) cans of paint, push slowly to the floor brought all the lumps.
Prevent insect approaching paint-Pour a little liquid anti insect into the paint cans, so that insects will stay away from the paint.
Prevents flowers quickly wilt-Squirt a little bleach to the water in chlor vase of flowers.
Create a powerful Roach-repellent Remukkan some cigarette butts into water, then drain and scatter to where cockroaches.

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