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Four-Step How To Easily Clean Your Kitchen

home clean-up activities should be done as often as possible routine to keep clean. Because almost every day we do an activity that dapatv makes our homes get dirty and full of garbage,

No exception part of the kitchen, which was the beginning where we produce the food we eat. Although the activities of cleaning the kitchen looks troublesome, but when dilakuakan correctly then it becomes easier with efficient results. So You need not fear report, if routine done this job will be easier with terrace maximum results. as quoted from

1. Store leftovers
Clean food and save the rest of the dishes before you wash the dishes. Because according to a study of bacteria in food can double every 20 minutes in room temperature.

2. Wash the dirty dishes
After cleaning the food store it in the refrigerator immediately soak dirty dishes and pans the former cook with hot water that has already been given SOAP so that the rest of the fast food apart. then let a couple of minutes then wash the plate until it is clean.

3. Clean the kitchen area
The often dirty stove parts usually at fire control lever on the outer body of the stove and stove are exposed to splashes of oil or cuisine, laplah the parts with a dry cloth or if it contains the oil so it can be cleaned with a sponge containing soapy water. don't forget to membersihkanpegangan water faucet, sink, and refrigerator door handles.

4. floor cleaning
Use a broom to clean up the litter dry. the place to be in the clear, among others, is under the table, next to the stove, and a small gap between the wall and the floor. Then, gather the entire garbage and waste. The last is a MOP the floor with water plus a liquid pemebersih the floor.

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