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Aneka Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 2)

Aneka Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 2) this article is a continuation of the previous article: "Assorted Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 1)". their contents describes some tips how to and how to make it work and the problems often encountered in the home can be solved easily and practically.

Eliminate the fishy smell of fish-rub the butter on your hands or wherever a fishy odor clings to.
Eliminate the smell of onions – slightly Moisten hands and rub it with bicarbonate of soda.
How to boil an egg cracked-put a little vinegar to the water which will be used to boil the eggs.
How to easy skinned boiled egg – let the pot tightly closed a few minutes after the eggs Cook, pressure will make the skin easy to peel.
Prevent the presence of popcorn that failed so-Freeze first, then surely popcornnya so broke all erupted.
How to easily clean the kitchen window-Dampen newsprint with a mixture of water and starch, and then rub the window with the newspaper.
Clean silver utensils-use baking soda and a damp rag, clean, rinse and pat dry.
Clean grease from carpet-pour the baking soda to taste the fat that is on the carpet, then flatten and leave one day, next fats will ease off with aspirated using the vacuum (Vacuum cleaner).
Recipe treating insomnia-mix one tablespoon of powdered milk, 2 tablespoons of honey, and a tablespoon of yeast. Then stir in a cup of warm milk, drinking ahead of entering sleep.
In order to make the pants sport (sport) durable-wash with 1 tablespoon alum (alum) mixed with 1 litre of water, rinse and pat dry, then wash with SOAP, rinse and pat dry.
Clean up blood stains from carpet-Immediately rub with foam rubber and cold water, and then use a little SOAP, rinse and pat dry.
Make guitar shiny-brush the guitar with toothpaste, let it dry then rub until shiny.
To prevent burns from blister-soon tempeli burns with ice cubes.
Clean the ink stains from carpet-Grease Stains with a paste of milk and corn flour, leave a couple of hours, then scrub until clean.
In order for the shiny-glass window scrub with a nylon socks, then scrub with a blackboard eraser.
Flatten the wrinkles in the plastic sheet-Iron Ironing table until it is hot, put the plastic on the top and then flatten the wrinkles by hand.
How to tie a tie-enter the wash in the jar filled carbon tethrachlorida to taste, then shake-shake, and then remove the tie and pat dry.
Remove stains Dampen stain area-charred and then give the starch in corn, when it is dry, rub and clean.
Reduce food too salty-enter one or two grains of tomatoes into tomato dishes, will absorb the saltiness.
How to find out the melon is ripe-looking yellowish color are there under the melon.
Freshen musty bean-Heat in the oven for 15 minutes with heat 250 ° c.

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